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A4LD valve body


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January 6, 2008
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Skane, Sweden
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1990 Ranger XLT
Hi everybody.

Due to slow 2-3 shifts I decided to rebuild my VB with a transgo shift kit together with glacier991's rebuild diary. The actual rebuild was pretty straightforward but I encounterd two questionmarks.

1 The spring for 2:nd and low boost valve dosen't press the valve to the bottom of the bore. The valve moves easily to the bottom but the spring stops pushing approx . 0,091" or 2,3mm before it bottoms.

This feels incorrect, or am I overcautios? Can somebody give me the free lenght of this spring?

2 The pictures in Glacier991's VB rebuild diary showing the check balls and my transgo instruction don't correspond. There is an check ball in the rebuild diary where the transgo instruction says "ALL MODELS Do not install checkball here".

Any recomendations which way to go?


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it does botton looks like from the pic that its off center an wont let it move the rest of the way. i remember in my kits i had to add another check ball. so it was 5 total

The "2:nd and low boost" is not modified in the kit, no part were exchanged.
I took the VB from my old tranny so I can use the Ranger while rebuilding the VB. I will change the VB in the truck when I feel content with rebuild.
Just to be clear, the problem valve is "2:nd and low boost" not to be confused with "pressure boost valve".


Nice with engaged people trying to help.
As for the checkballs, I'll go with transgo version.



I guess I have to remove that valve and see if I can install it better.