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A4LD VB Seperator plate question?


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October 29, 2010
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I am doing the Transgo Jr kit before reassembling VB, and I noticed something, not sure if it matters or not.... On the transgo instructions for drilling holes out in sep plate, hole "B" is above and slightly to the left of a port that is like a small rectangle with corner cut off and rounded... On my plate all I have where that port is shown...is a very small hole...on the A4LD VB rebuild diary that Glacier did...his plate is the same way, you can see it in about the third pic down...it's the top hole that's marked, look slightly down and to the right, there is a small hole.... on transgo diagram that hole is larger opening as I described above...Does this matter? Glacier never mentioned it that I remember...

Also I have a test plate that is a combo plate for a4ld/4r44re/etc... some of the ports dont match w/ sep plate... some I assume are only on 4r44e and above..like 4th band... but where the plate has release port for low reverse, port for to gov., and ports for high rev, and direct clutches...there are no holes in sep plate...is this normal?

Thanks for any help!


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A4LD VB Seperator plate question?...My Bad...

Just reread the atsg update manual, I see now that my plate is a later version with small hole at bore 211, and three hole pattern at bore 207...

Still curious about ports on test plate if anyone has any info...........


Morning Ragga!

In my VB rebuild, I didn't do any of the drilling into the plate, just the hole in the vb itself. I don't want firmer shifts, guessing you do? Did you also get the shift kit and index limiter? My rebuild kit also came with new hockey pucks, not sure if I am going to use the ones from the kit since I hear that sometimes they are different sizes. If memory serves me correctly, I also had all the proper check balls already in place, but you might want to make sure that you check your balls too... sounds "ballsy" of me to say that!

BTW, thanks for the PM on some guidance for the clutch compressor and pump alignment! I'm hoping to put everything back together this weekend. I'll be cleaning my vb (again) too since I already did this last year, but never solved my "no forward" problem.

Good luck!


Greets Phil,

I bought Transgo Jr shift kit, I wanted the boost valve and index also, and improved seals for low/reverse servo...(he only had thick o-ring type, same as were in my kit I think, I bought a set just in case since they were only 1.32 for both..which I forgot were included in Transgo Jr also, so I now have two sets of oring type, in addition to the set that came in kit!)... but they didn't have them in stock....I didn't wanna wait to get them because I thought Id be ready to reassemble last weekend..now of course I could have recieved them by now...anywhoo;-)
I wasn't going to do the mods, wasn't really worried about the firmer shifts..til I read the other VB tut, I think it was TnExplorer's? In it the author said that in his opinion the shifts were the best part, and reading his description it sounded good;-)
Some of the holes in my sep plate were already larger, I am only drilling 3 I think...I will probably try drilling the pucks also.
My main prob now is that I messed with the 3-4 backout valve I think it is, farthest back , inside last bore across from solenoid...Glacier said not to mess with it unless vb was really grungy...but I have had sev extremely sticky valves..anyways, that valve is now jammed...or rather the plug between it and middle valve is stuck backwards, up against the valve, I have scored the plug considerably trying to "coax" it out of the bore, and even if I am able to free up the valves movement behind it again, I really don't want to leave it that way...think I need to clear the bore....so today I think I may try getting some small tubing that will fit inside bore, and trying to duck tape it inside of vac nozzle...see if I can draw it out;-)



OMG... I'm thinking back to whether that is the one I had a problem with too. So many bores to remember. I think I may have used a paper clip with an eraser on the tip to push it out from the inside to get it out of the bore... but then again, I can't remember which was the worst. I wanted to do all of them since it was all gunked up, I was having a problem, and if I put it back together and didn't do it and there was still a problem, I'd wonder if that what it was and kick myself. :)

I'll look up TNExplorer's post and see what his thoughts were... thanks for the heads up!

Good luck and cheers!