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A4LD woes continued....

chris c

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December 13, 2002
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New York
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91 XLT
i will NEVER get a transmission rebuilt again! it rack up 179k miles trouble free prior to rebuilt.

the only reason i got it rebuilt is because the tranny dumped all it's fluid out and caught fire. the strangest part is i just left the truck that night and returned the next day with several quarts of transmission fluid. filled it up and drove home. could not get it to leak again. it actually shifted smooth and had no hints of slipping.

anyway, i made made a harrible desicion on having it rebuilt and 25k miles later it is worse than ever!! i have cold 1>2 shift issues, horrid downshifting and a shutter at certain speeds and throttle positions in 3rd and 4th.

i replaced the vacuum modulator and cleaned up the speed governor. it actually shifted well for a day or so and the 1>2 cold shift problems are back. the 3rd and 4th gear shutter never went away. i know the shift governor was cleaned perfect and operated smoothly so the only guess on that i have is much residual sh@t was still in the feed to the governor and it is again clogged.

about my transmission shudder. can it be something as simple as a loose valve body or is it more probably the torque converter?

going to drop the pan this weekend and check the valve body.

thinking about just buying a new car at this rate...


on a side note, the new front axle universals i installed this weekend seem to work nicely. not sure how this truck was even steering with the old universals. they were siezed up good!!