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aaahhhh Someone stole my spare.


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May 24, 2002
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Oak Park, IL
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2001 SPORT
I got up to go to work this moring and went out to my X, dressed for work, tie and all. And what do I see but a flat.... so I'm already upset... I go back in to change my shirt and then go back out to change the flat. I get out everything, loosen the lugs and decide to lower the spare, it's not there.....
I know it was there when I bought the X, someone stole my spare, what kind of low life would steal someone's spare tire. I'm just glade it didn't happen on the road.

I guess I have to buy a new tire and rim for my spare now. Has anyone had o do this? How much did you have to pay and what did you get? I don't want to pay alot for a rim that I hope I never have to use.
Maybe I'll just go to a junk yard.
What you think?

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You can go to a junkyard, or just get a cheap $40 rockcrawler black steel rim. They are powdercoated so they will resist rust while hanging under your truck.

I don't know how someone stole your spare. Since you have to open the rear hatch to get to lowering it. I guess it is a mistery!

Was the hardware damaged in any way?

I'll have to check the hardware later, it's having the flat fixed right now. That's a good point, maybe it got "lost"
the last time I had my tires rotated.
Now you guys are making me wonder.
I know it was there at some point but when it disappeared that I don't know.

I have seen the hardware fail and the tire drop out.

If that happened it would more than likly stay attached to the cable and drag along.

All I can think about is my spare tire comming out on the Highway and passing me on the off ramp.

It was the cabel that broke, I would have thought one would hear/feel it come loose, but he didn't.

No, I had no idea it was missing, I'll check it out after lunch. I'm sure if it fell out I would have noticed, I never have my music that loud.

I was so upset I didn't even look to see what was damaged or missing, other than the spare of course.

If I have to replace all the hardware also, do you think I can get that any other place but a dealer?

The more I thinjk about it I wonder if it was stolen off the street or taken while having the car serviced. The later seems more likely .

Its not uncommon for people to steal spare tires. The crackheads used to try to sell me tires all of the time. At night they would just go under peoples trucks and take the tires and sell them.

Well, I got the assembly from my dealer for $63.00.
There is no cable coming out of the assembly that is down there now. Now I'll have to get a new spare.
Ford wants $125 for a new wheel plus the cost of the tire . I think I'll just pick one up at a tire dealer, I'm not worried about it matching my other 4, hopefully I'll rarely use it again.

The spare is on a steel wheel anyways and doesnt match your day to day rims.

grab a spare with tire on it from one from a junkyard.

if you have the 16" wheels, i'll sell you mine for $10 plus shipping. its a 16" black stock steel wheel with the 255/75r16 stock firestone.

my spare tire fell off the bottom of my truck. all i have now is a little piece of frayed wire hanging under there. i origonaly thought that was what happened to you, untill i noticed your truck is only a year old. i now have an ingenious setup with 2 ratcheting tie down straps holding it back up under there.

There's a junk yard not to far from me, I think I'll stop by there this weekend. Thank for the help.

No time wise I would be o.k.
but I'm over 42000 miles now.
Maybe I should have bought an extended warranty.

I dont think something like that would be covered under an extended though....

I had mine fall off after hitting a huge bump on a trail, I didn't even realize it. I heard something clanging in the rear and stopped to check it out and it was part of the hanger assembly banging around - no sign of the tire. I had to turn around and get it.

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