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AAL and WAR153 Installed


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October 23, 2005
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Ottawa, ON
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96 XLT
Finally got around to installing my Pro Comp AAL (they now come with the 3/8 bolts) and WAR153 shackles. I would highly recommend replacing these at the same time. IT WILL SAVE YOU from having to remove the factory trailer hitch. i.e. with the axle u bolts removed, the springs will arch enough that you can get the frame-shackle bolts out no problem. Oh and I also swapped the drivers side and passengers side leaf packs.

sounds good how about some pics of it?

thats awsome that they now come with the 3/8 bolt...where did you order them from?

www.driverfx.ca -> Its run by Keystone, the largest auto parts distributor in Canada. If they dont have it than nobody does. Plus, you can special order anything off the web site from any Canadian Tire store (saves shipping + slightly lower price than the online price).