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AAL or F150 springs

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im really not sure to be honest both will stiffen the ride up most ppl on here have done done both try and do a search on here about f-150 leafs and the AAL.

I have a Pro-Comp AAL. They are supposedly 1.5" lift springs, but I only gained about 3/4". It's definitely stiffer... I feel every bump, lol.

Thats cool. The AAL are a lot cheaper there for they probably dont work as well as the f150. I am looking to lift the truck to fit larger tires. Most of my driving is done on the road so i would like a more resposive suspension.

My current springs are code F the tow package. They are sagging like borken ass ******. i need to make them more perky.

I'm running 31x10.50s with a 1.5" TT and the AAL. Click on the "Before, During, and After" link in my sig to see what it looks like.

How long have the AAL been equiped. Are they sagging any? Is the truck more sporty. How does it hanndle turns?

I like your window tint. Was it hard to install. Most window tint i have seen gets bubbles under it after 2 years then it looks like ****. is your doing that?

I installed the AALs during the Fall of '08. My Explorer didn't suffer from any sagging issues when I got it and there still aren't any present. I wouldn't call the handling "sporty", but it does seem to take curves with less body roll now.

As far as the tint goes, I had it professionally installed. There aren't any bubbles, so I can't complain about it, but its been on the X for less than a year. Only time will tell.

How much did the tint cost you?

How do bumps feel with the AAL. Say you hit a small rock does it shatter your spine. what happens if you drive over a curb.

It was $49.95 for the front two windows. The others are tinted from the factory.

It seems that bumps and potholes have been magnified with the AAL. In the rare event I need to hop the curb, it isn't done at any notable speed. I'm sure it feels about the same with and without the AAL.

Cool. Thanks for the information.