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June 3, 2005
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Western Australia
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98 XLT
It’s night over hear now so I figure I will just ask the question and check it tomorrow afternoon after work.

I am thinking about AAL kit, only thing is I already have an aftermarket 2-inch raised duty spring pack installed. I am after about another 1-inch of lift, so that’s why I am looking at the AAL but will they do anything as I already have Rased duty spring pack’s?

Extended shackles are out of the question as they are not legal hear in Aus. :(

I will be adjusting the T/bars, as required, They are currently jacked up 35mm at the front so will be going all the way to 50mm if I fit the extra 1-inch up the back.

Any ideas,

i dont think there will be a problem in doing so.