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? about factory (cassette) stereo & CD changer

Derek's E.B.

September 5, 2002
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Louisville KY
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96 Eddie Bauer
I just purchased a 96 Eddie Bauer and it has all the options the EB's come with except the 6disc in the consule. I have some phone jack looking hole in the consule, but I have no idea what that is for :confused: ! I have the factory cassete/fm/am radio, but I'm not sure if I can run a factory or after market changer through it. Can I? I want the front unit to stay the same because it's such a large unit and would hate the look of a small radio with a huge bezel up front. I would only change it if I purchased a TV, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

My ? is: Can I buy a factory (or after market)CD changer, put it in my consule and it run through my factory unit up front?

If so, is anyone selling :D ?


I really need to know...:(


You should be able to use a factory changer with the head unit you have, although I don't know what the options were on the '96s. I have a factory 6-disc changer out of a '98 for sale if you're interested... You can usually tell if your truck had a factory changer in the center console to begin with; the plastic inside piece of the console has a changer-shaped flat area in the bottom. E-mail or priv message me if you're interested in that changer.


HEY!! get this, i have a FACTORY 96 cd changer sitting right in my garage! i took it out when i put in my new system.... if you want it make me an offer and its yours!