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About to buy a 2006 Explorer Limited

March 24, 2017
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2006 Explorer Limited
Hey everyone,

Currently looking at a 2006 explorer limited with the 4.0L motor at a local ford dealer. My wife and I went to test drive it quick before the dealer closed but didn't sign anything yet. I forgot to look underneath the front since we were rushed for time but the add lists it as 4WD. The three buttons underneath the cd player/vents are blanks. The dealer is still insisting that it is AWD and there is no manual engagement for this. I even sent them a listing via email for another 2006 limited with these buttons present but they supposedly talked to the service manager/techs and are still adament it's not two wheel drive. Am I crazy or am I on to something here? I posted the add below for reference.



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The link says 4wd. If you can't see how it goes into 4wd I'd pass. 10K for an '06 with 83k sounds like a lot of $.

There was a version with AWD and no buttons, but they are rare. Definately check underneath and get that price down

Price is way too high, worth maybe $7000.

Yes way too high even for Canada, here where we got an 09 AWD under that. Also motor timing chains can be a problem in the 4.0L if not having regular oil changes and you may have to listen close as there are various failure sounds. Dealers here don't resell anything near that old either. Odd that they are and you have to have the time to really look it over and test all options are working etc. Long test drive with it!!! All a must do.

Next time you (If you do) test drive it, turn the key to the "ACCESSORY"position. then if it is an AWD, there should be a lighted Icon near the speedometer area.

...or you could just turn the steering wheel to one side and get out to see if there are front cv shafts.
I couldn't tell in the link you posted, the pics got too blurry when expanded.