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ABS activates on light braking.


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March 16, 2008
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97' Exploder EB Edition
ok, so i just replaced my ball joints, and decided to clean and paint all the parts that i could take off.

in the process i removes the hub and was inspecting it, i removes the ABS sensor and looked inside. it seemed to be pretty dry, and there wasnt alot of grease on the outside were the bearings are either.

so (this may sounds stupid lol) i took my good old greasegun and held it over the ABS sensor hole and put some grease in there, when i whiped off the sensor, and put it back.

after puting everything back together without a hitch, i decide to take it for a spin.

now, almost every time i stop, just before i come to a halt, the abs turns on for like 1/4 second. now this is like very slow, very light pressure braking.

just wondering if i just ruined two pairs of hubs, what should i do?

or can i just unplug the ABS fuse. i don't like abs as it is, and i don't use it. (i've been in near accidents and i always automatically pump (on/off/on/off) the brakes (belive it or not...)

im going to take it for a longer drive and see if it goes away, then if now ill unplug the abs and start troubleshooting... lol?


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Start cleaning! LOL

Seriously, I have no doubt it's the grease in there. Clean it out and I'll bet it fixes the problem. You don't need anything in there at all.

lol figures, how do i go about removing the grease LOL...

i pulled the ABS fuse,"problem solved", lol.

I wouldn't use a spray cleaner as I would worry about getting it in the bearings. I would try and clean as much as possible by using a rag on the end of a screw driver or similar. Just keep rotating the ring while wiping with the rag. Rotate a clean spot in the rat often and just keep at it until you have all you can get out of it. See if that doesn't fix you up.

Oh yea...just for the K.I.S.S. factor...double check that your sensor is plugged in and didn't come unhooked during all your work. I would also test it with an ohm meter and make sure it's good since that only takes a moment. Somewhere I have that spec...I'll look for it if nobody else chimes in with it.

alright, im going to go for a drive later and put the ABS fuse back in, hopefully its fine after a bit of driving.

i did take extra care to make sure nothing got into the HUB, and on the senor, i whiped it, and cleaned the end of the plug before i put it it, and tightened it good.

if not ill start trying to clean out the grease :|.

if that doesn't work, is there a way to deactivate the ABS without the dash light coming on....


yeah my 96 does the same thing never touched no sensore it just has always done it pulled the fuse to stop it if you dont like the light just pull the bulb behind the speedo panel that should do you just fine

Grease, road grime, brake dust or any other foreign matter could false trigger the sensor.