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ABS and AdvanceTrac Alarms


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May 14, 2015
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Good evening everyone!

I'm turning to you guys for some advice/assitance. I have a 2012 Explorer Limited FWD that I just replaced the driver side hub. Taking the hub off and putting it back on was pretty simple and painless, but now I have an ABS and AdvanceTrac alarm on my dash. The ABS, traction control, and traction control is off light are illuminated. When I start the vehicle I get a "service AdvanceTrac" notification on the left side of the dash. I've also tried to go into vehicle setting to turn my traction control on, but for whatever reason it will not turn on. Now when the hub came off I did pull the sensor off with no issues. It went back on the same. Does pulling a sensor cause these issues, or is there a real problem here? I hooked my code reader up to the on board computer and it did not pick up a thing. At this point I'm lost for words and grasping at straws. I've taken the sensor off to make sure there wasn't any WD40 on it from the hub removal, and I've let the vehicle sit with the negative off the battery with no change.

Sorry for the wall of text. I was trying to be as thorough as possible. Any suggestions from you guys would be awesome!


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I'd probably start by replacing that sensor. Something could have jolted from removal. I can't imagine that sensor being very expensive. I'm assuming its the abs wheel speed sensor and Ford lists it at about 30 bucks (may be cheaper through your dealer). Its hard to know for sure since I can't see it but this is my best guess.

As for not being able to set your traction control its normal. When most cars get this warning it will shutdown those types of systems to prevent damage.

Thanks for the reply orange. I was going to go that route this weekend, but I wanted an out side opinion before I ran out and bought a sensor. Also thanks for clarifying the traction control issue. I didn't even think the alarms would cause traction control to default off. Makes sense though.

ABS is part of the AdvanceTrac system so if ABS fails you lose AdvanceTrac. You will need a more sophisticated code reader to pull all the vehicle codes. I would get the codes read first. While it highly likely related to the service you did the codes will be specific as to what the issue is related to and then you can correct it.

Sounds like a plan JMR. I'll run by O'Reilly's tonight after work. Hopefully they can pull a code.