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ABS C1095 and C1230 error codes.


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April 28, 2009
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explorer sport 2000
Hello, I have ABS light on all the time. I bought the code reader and error codes are C1230 and C1095. I replaced rear axle sensor the code C1230 still on. I read all kinds of advices on this forum or other once but found no answer on how to fix it. Since the rear sensor is brand new the assumption is that there’s something wrong with wiring from the sensor. I found wiring diagram on Autozone website. Questions I have – 1. Where wires from rear sensor are connected to? 2. What is the color of these wires? 3. Is it ABS module or central control unit? 4. What impedance in Ohm should be measured on the rear sensor? Error code C1095 is ABS hydraulic pump motor circuit failure. How to troubleshoot it (fix it)? Any advice is very welcomed. Thank you. Milan
Explorer Sport 2000, 4.0L OHV 2WD VIN 'X'

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Hi, I bought Actron CP9449 scanner. Anybody with some solid answers, please? Thank you. Milan

Thank you for the link to Amazon. That is where I bought it from. Yesterday I performed some basic checking of the system and I found that the milti-pin connector on the ABS unit was not locked in properly due to the sealant inside the ABS connector not in place. I fixed that. Then I checked all fuses and found one burned -7.5A. I replaced the fuse and the ABS light is not on anymore. So I guess I'm OK for now. I'll keep the code reader for few days in case the error codes come back and then I'll sell it for little less then I bought it on Amazon. Thank you for your responses. Milan