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abs code c1145


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April 16, 2008
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1998 sport
Hey all,

I have replaced both hubs complete with the ABS sensors and now I am getting a constant c1145 on the right front. Any idea why this would happen? Is it just a new but bad sensor?


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Same here, I have a 2002 and still 1yr later, still says same code and has abs light on.

I'm in the same boat, my 96 is doing the same thing.

Same here..... I got into alldatadiy and printed out the troubleshooting sheets. I'll post up what I figure out. I can scan and post up the pages if y'all like,,,,,,

Checked the connector right where the ABS wire connects up on the inner fender. It had 10.89 volts. Alldata shows if it's 10V or higher with the key on then the sensor is bad. I replaced the hub and the trouble cleared.

A friend of mine had the same trouble on a F150. The code popped up after a hub replacement. He reinstalled the old sensor and the trouble cleared.

Excuse me while I sound like an idiot, but how do you pull the ABS code? It never works for me.
I connect in "Ford ABS" mode and it doesn't pull a code, even though the ABS light is on..

I'm using an Actron CP9580A scanner. It doesn't like the Mercury, so I tell it that mine is an Explorer of the same year. It reads the ABS codes fine then....