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ABS Codes


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April 4, 2008
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Anaheim, CA
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1993 XLT
Does anybody know how to pull ABS codes on a 93 without a dedicated scanner??

Intermittantly the light comes on and stays on after startup. Usually has to be warm. Haven't done it yet, but first step is to check the relay. After that, I need codes.

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did you check fluid level and connections. To pull codes you just ground the STI connection. On my x it was up near the heater motor. Mr Shorty should be along to help soon.

Fluid level's fine. May have fixed it. I had a new relay (they're like $7, and they're all the same, so I keep one on hand kind of like like you keep fuses). Swapped it in and the light won't recur. My thought had been that since the light only cam on after a restart, when hot, resistance in the relay was high. The added temp increased it and the system wasn't seeing enough voltage. Have driven it quite a bit, deliberately shutting down and waiting 5 minutes, then restarting. No recurrence. Still interested in knowing how to read codes though.

that works for testing the EEC, but not the ABS computer. the last time a friend checked mine he grounded a wire under the kick panel and the abs light blinked like the MIL does but I cant remember which one, someone help us out.. i need to test mine too lol