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ABS computer


Only rolled it once honey
May 1, 2000
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97 4d OHV
Can some one show me where the abs computer is so that i can rib that bad boy out! Thanks a bunch.

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Should be in the left side (driver) inner fender. You are supposed to remove the fender apron to access it.

The connector looks like a mini EEC computer connector :)

Follow the underhood wire harness and it's right off that behind the driver headlamp.

Look at your Master Cylinder. You will see two lines coming out of it. They will lead to a Module with 4 lines coming out of it directly next to the Master. That is your ABS Module. On my 95, it is sitting right on top of the fenderwell, not the inner fender.

btw: I think you, me, and Dave (taxxman2k) are all messing with that bad boy right now.

Thanks alot RiverRat, i think i know what you're talking about now.

Robb, i've already got the ABS module out, ripped that bad boy out saturday. I now i'm just going to take the computer out and maybe try to sell it. I had run all new brake lines up front, strait from the master cylinder.

Hey guys. Not sure why it's doing it, but my brake lights aren't working. Yesterday the would flash then go off, now they don't work at all. I replaced the switch, but nothing again. Don't think this is related do you?