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ABS, Control Trac, and 4WD lights on...


November 1, 2005
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Upstate NY
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'05 XLT Sport 4.6L
... and when I start the Ex, it appears to be in 4WD, however, it also appears as the the AdvanceTrac is applying the brakes. A few seconds of this, there is a loud clunk (from the front end or T/Case).

The 4WD will then start to blink, while the ABS and AdvanceTrac lights remain on, and the message center says "Check AdvTrac". It seems to drive as normal (4WDAuto or 2WD) in this condition, but there's an obvious issue.

What do I need to R&R to fix this issue?

BTW - It's a 2005 XLT Sport with the 4.6L

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Scanned the ABS system, and it returns a C1233 code - missing LF speed sensor signal. I just replaced that sensor and still get the same error after the codes are cleared. The instructions with the sensor said that the ABS may need to be reprogrammed. If I disconnect the NEG from the battery - will this do the reprogramming?

Disconnect the battery, but with mine as soon as i replaced it and on the first start the ABS light went out.
With mine the Caliper was dropped by accident and was caught by the ABS wire, which toasted it. . .make sure the plug is clean and seated. . .
did the parts look the same?

John, did you find out what was going on with this? I have the exact same issue.

I too am having the same problem with an '05 explorer.

several weeks after replacing both front wheel bearing/hubs. All the wires appear to be fine with solid connections. Can you use a multimeter to "test" to see if one particular wheel speed sensor is bad?

Thanks, Eric

Eric, don't know if this will help but there is a TSB #04-2680538 which reads that you may need a program update, after that you may also look at a rear 4x4 sensor if reprogramming does not work. The program update is only available through Ford dealerships. I bought both front wheel bearings and will be replacing them today, hoping for the best.

I replaced both left and right front wheel bearings, and world is now good again. All lights have gone out and stayed out, so far.