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abs help


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September 11, 2007
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oshawa, ontario. home 2 goverment motors canada
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99 ex sport
guys iv had my truck for over 7 years now an after about a year the abs would come on all the time cause the master was weak. so the mechanic disconnected a wire under the hood to keep it from going off all the time. the plug to the abs motor is still hooked up.
i cant seem to find what wire an its been so long. i do remember him saying about a pulled fuse also but i cant seem to find it. does any 1 have where in the panel the abs fuse is ? an what wire i could have pulled to shut this off?

iv had the truck off the road for a year now an replaced the master now i want to get the abs working again.

It's been a while since I was replacing the ABS fuse, all I can remember is that is was in the box in the engine compartment. 10A I think.