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Abs issue?


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March 1, 2015
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Phoenix, AZ
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2000 Explorer Sport
So i have an ABS issue, When i plug both speed sensors in the abs light turns off. but i get feedback from the abs. now if i unplug one sensor i get no feedback but the abs light comes on naturally... Any ideas? i wouldnt think bad wiring because it would trip the abs light?

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Just guessing here but by feed back your saying your abs is coming on but its really not needed? I.e. dry pavement light braking. If thats case its possible the tone ring on the c/v shafts might be dammaged, dirty, or corroded. I would check with that first. Whats possibly happening it that if the tone ring isnt in good shape the abs module may read that wheel as locked up during braking and thus activating abs when its really not needed. It make sense that you unplug a sensor and you dont get feed back because it sets a fault code and turns off the abs system. Once your made a visual that your abs sensors and tone rings look good you will need a scan tool to isolate which wheel is giving you trouble.

now it doesn't matter which abs sensor i unplug. (pass or drivers) and the brake pedal gives feedback when i am slowing down to idle. (5-0mph) would that still be the issue you think? the tone ring?

I had the same issue. I unplugged one side and deactivated the abs overall.

Plug it in and get it scanned to tell wich side is bad like the previous post. No other way to approach this issue

You might need new hubs. I had a messed up sensor on one of mine before. Had to replace whole hub

This is a common issue, usually fixed by cleaning all the speed sensors. You have one on each front hub and one on the top of the rear diff. They tend to accumulate metallic dust (their magnetic) which interfers with the signal at slower wheel speeds, giving a false activation of the ABS.