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ABS light, and brake light on.

D F Willy

December 6, 1999
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I'm having a problem, with my braking system, which i am trying to take care of myself. When i start the truck, the brake light and abs light come on as usual, but then the abs light goes off and comes back on, and will stay on along with the brake light, until you turn the truck off. I don't know why, i've tried testing for codes myself, and the codes will not flash on at all, there is a black w/ a orange stripe wire which i ground, but still no codes, also i'm not dumb, the rotors and pads in front are new, the brakes in back still have a 1/4 inch on the pads, and the brake fluid is filled, and the floating sensor, is moving. I've also tried testing the ohms on the speed sensor mounted on the differential, which is reading 32,000 ohms off the wire when off and reading 1000 ohms while it is on. any suggestions? the brakes stop just fine, so right now, the light is just annoying me. Could it be the master cylinder going out? a bad RABS valve, bad RABS sensor, or possible the RABS module just went out, and thats why the codes swon't come on, and the light is continuously lit.

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FWIW, mine did that when i needed new brakes and then it went away after i got new rotors, pads, and shoes...then again it was only the ABS light...sorry

'93 explorer sport 4x4

I had the weirdest thing happen the other day... I was leaving the grocery store, and my brake and ABS light came on... stopped it, light went off, started again, light came on... tried this a few times, nothing... the strange thing is that the stereo wouldn't turn on either! Then I got home, disconnected the battery for about 15 minutes, hooked it up again, started the car, stereo came on fine, and the brake lights were off! All I can think is that there was a messup in the electrical or something wrong got stored in the computer.

Matt Adams
94 Explorer 4-door nick-named "Tippy"

that is odd...come to think of it, mine may have went away when i was installing my cd receiver (disconnected the battery)...i did that about the same time i got the brakes done.

'93 explorer sport 4x4

I had a 93 ranger that the abs light come on as soon as you started it and never went off till you shut it off but the brakes worked perfect. Finally took it in to the dealer and they put the valve or whatever on it that is located on the left frame rail right behind the front wheel and the light went off. The brakes still worked fine and it only cost me two hundred and some dollars.