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ABS light is on 95 Explorer XLT


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October 10, 2007
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95 XLT
My ABS light came on about 1.5 weeks ago. Brake fluid level is good. Does anyone have any prior experience with this light coming on?

same thing happened on my 02 when the brakes were fine... the sensor is on because its detecting pressure on the brake rotor/caliper... if i was u, i would have my hub bearings checked cuz that was the problem with mine... if u hear a loud rumbling noise from one of the wheels i would definetaly have it checked ASAP... i was going down the interstate when my front left hub went out and it started to wobble... ford is very bad about the bearings and they will actually crack and break into pieces

it's best to pull the codes with a scanner.

Welcome to this forum! I agree with CJones101812. The code represents the fault (sensor, wiring, etc) so this will give you a clue where to start. Replacing parts at random is costly, and doesn't always solve the problem.