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ABS light is on


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April 14, 2001
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Dallas, TX
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1999 XLT
I have a 1999 XLT with the 5.0 that I bought a few months ago. Yesterday, my ABS light came on so I checked out the typical brake stuff (pads, rotors, fluid level, etc.) and couldn't find a problem at all. My ABS light is still on, does anyone know potential causes of this?

Is there some sensor or something that may need to be replaced or should I just take it to Ford? Thanks.

Yes there is a sensor. There are four sensors on the truck. One at each wheel. If you have a 1999 you should still have a factory warranty. If under 36000 miles. If you do have a warranty then take it to the shop and they will fix it. If under the factory warranty you pay nothing. If under a extended warrany you will probley pay some money. My deductable is 100 bucks. The sensors are like 25-40 bucks I think not to bad.