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ABS Light On - Need Some Advice


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May 27, 2010
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Powder Springs, GA
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1997 Eddie Bauer V8 2WD
Usually on the Gen 2 from for my 97 5.0 EB, but working on a '93 XLT for our church Car Care ministry. Vehicles are donated to ministry; we fix them up and give them to folks in need.

The Explorer is a 1993 XLT, 4.0 OHV with about 125K miles; it has been sitting for a couple of years. I have already replaced the front pads, front calipers, and left front hub (rotor was heavily damaged on that side due to frozen caliper on other side). ABS light is on; with the help of this forum I have figured out how to pull codes with flashes of the light. Did this several times and consistently got the following codes in this order. Definitions are from another thread on this forum.
Code / Definition
17 / Reference Voltage
11 / ECU Failure
33 / Rear Axle Sensor Electrical Failure
41 / Front Left Sensor Mismatched Output
42 / Front Right Sensor Mismatched Output
67 / Pump Failure

The problem is - i don't know where to go next. What is the "reference voltage" issue and could it be causing the other issues? What order should these issues be worked? Is there any way to "reset" the ABS system and start over?

We have a young man who needs this vehicle, but I am reluctant to give it out without at least trying to fix the ABS issue.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!


PS - Does anyone have a source for wiring diagrams for this vintage of vehicle. My usual excellent source - EBSCOHost - is kind for skimpy in this case.

Does it turn off at any point? Mine seems to come on if I start it without leaving the key in the "on" position until I hear the fuel pump finish it's initial whirring noise. Weather changes can do it too.

Nope - ABS light has been on since we picked up the truck. Driven it about 50 miles or so during the process so far.

Others may be much more helpful, but if it were mine I'd start by looking at the rear axle sensor with the electrical failure and try to get it working. My guess is that having sat for some time the electrical connections are corroded, which also may be a problem with the two front sensors.