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ABS light


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December 31, 2007
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'99 Sport
So I replaced the front wheel hubs on my 99 sport 4x4, one was done by Pep Boys while I was in southern Indiana and the other I purchased the matching part from RockAuto for the right side when I got back just to be sure that I had taken care of everything and wouldn't need to worry about it again. Both hubs I assume came with the new ABS sensor which was damaged during a previous job replacing the ball joints. So for a while I drove with no ABS, which didn't bother me at all. But the thing I think is weird is that it always did the self test when I would shift into gear the first time and start driving, but it stopped after the installation of the passenger hub. So now the ABS light is on, but never actually runs the test now. Question is what should I look at for this first and I did search but the ones I came up with were for newer models which helped, but the question never really got answered for me. I've already tried the fuse, and it's fine. Any ideas?

Normal operation is the light comes on when the engine first starts for about 2-3 seconds as the test is run. If all systems read ok, light turns off and ABS is active. This test is run every time you start the truck, not when you put it in gear. If the computer finds an error in ABS system it will disabled the ABS system and turn on the light to alert you.

If the error was previously surfacing when you put the truck in gear rather than on start up then my suspicion is the sensors worked correctly picking up bad readings when the vehicle moved.

The best advice is get the ABS codes read with a scanner. Advanced can scan it for free. Most other parts stores read only engine codes.

Cool, thanks, I work for the Advance Auto Parts ecommerce team so that works out well. I'll have to swing by the local one soon. Appreciate the advice.