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abs problem '01 explorer sport 4x4

greg marc

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March 21, 2012
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2001 explorer sport
I just bought this explorer today. I have a problem with the abs brakes. the light comes on and goes out after a while. the problem is the brakes work fine till i get below 5 mph and the the abs thinks one of the wheels is locking and flutters the brake pedal. u feel it in the pedal very lightly. seems like a dirty sensor? well i didnt get the owners manual and for now would like to pull the fuse till i can fix it next month. anybody that would know which fuse to pull and if that wouldnt cause a bigger problem i would be very happy.
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any idea's on which fuse to pull???

Use the search. Been discussed 100's of times.

pull the fuse in the panel inside the drivers side, #12 or #14 I think. It fixed the pulse problem, but the ABS light turned on and the speedo does not work now. Also it threw a DTC of no speed input. I am pursuing the sensors on the front now. as I feel that may be the problem. I replaced the rear one already and no change. You may want to disconect the ABS module power or relay as that may fix it and not throw a code or kill the speedo. I have not had time to try this yet,

pulling the fuse worked for my 97 but you have to fool the computer for the 01 by disconnecting one wheel sensor and the computer will disable the ABS for you,no CEL and you still have speedo.

More often than not that is caused by a failing wheel bearing. Check your front wheel bearings/hubs and make sure you have no play. Even if you do not, I would still wonder about it. My front wheel bearing failed around 143k and caused my ABS issue.