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ABS problem


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September 17, 2010
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syracuse, ny
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99 explorer 6 cyl ohv
Hey Everyone, I just replaced the calipers and pads and bled the system and things work find except when I crawl to a stop the abs kicks on and the pedal pulsates. I hope its not the Masters cylinder.

I had this same problem after I replaced my rotors and pads recently. I drove with it like that for a few weeks until i got sick of it. What fixed the problem was taking off the rotors and wiping clean [using a toothbrush and a soft wire brush] the ABS sensor that sticks thru the splashguard. both sides were dirty. I hear this is a delicate part so be gentle but remove any crud from the sensor. I should have taken a before/after photo because before was dark brown and after was shiny metal.I also wire-brushed the tone ring tips on back of the rotors for good measure.