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ABS problems - which wheel?


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October 25, 2008
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Chicagoland, IL
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98XLT 4WD SOHC,94XLT gone
How can you tell which wheel is causing the anti-lock brake system to act up (acts like a wheel is locking up).

I think that from inside the car I hear the noise coming from the front left, but that might just be because the break pedal and ABS master cylinder is on that side.

I went ahead and did a front brake job replace the rotors and calipers were fine, but I still have the issue.

Is there anyway to tell which brake the system thinks is locking up?


I had the ABS light come on and the pedal would pulse on my 98 sport but that was from the wheel bearing being shot. When I replaced the hubs, my ABS started working fine. As far as telling what wheel?? I knew what wheel bearing was bad. Try pulling the plug off the sensor and cleaning them, might be some corrosion or dirt in there.

check the speed sensor on top of the rear diff. my abs light stayed on after i replaced both front hubs and sensors, along with new pads and rotors, and it ended up being the rear sensor. if it is it's only $20 tops at AZ. it's just a pain in the ass to get to IMO. i see you live in Chicago so i would imagine abs comes in mighty handy during winter there.

If it pulls one way or the other then the problem is on the side your pulling away from. The unintentional pulsing of pressure should cause less braking effort on that wheel. If it is not pulling then it's likely the rear diff. (3 channel system) The rears can't activate independently so you get no pull.