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Abs System delete (99' ranger 3.slow 4x4)


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January 17, 2012
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Rowlett TX
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1999 Ford STranger 4x4
For a start... i know disabling or removing abs is a bad ideah because of safety concerns... I also know about removing the fuse but thats not what im looking for..
Now what im looking for.. Does anybody have a diagram of the inputs and ouputs for the brake lines going to the abs unit in the drivers side engine compartment?
i dont need it anymore, im running 2007 F350 1-Ton axles and cant utilize the factory abs.. Im running the same F350 Steering gear box(its tapped and running my hydro-assist), and im and going to be running the same F350 P/S pump...Im going to try to run the same F350's abs unit and hydroboost/ master-cylinder setup.
im just looking for what is what when it comes to removing all the lines from the unit.
Thanks for the input