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ABS Warning Light


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March 8, 2001
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1991 Explorer
The ABS Light comes on after about 10min - 15min after driving... It feels like the abs is working even when I lightly apply the brakes, after that the light will come on... Could this be the sensor
I have read other threads about the sensors going bad .. Are they difficult to replace... After the ABS light comes on I no longer get the sensation that the abs is kicking in after light brake pressure..


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The sensors arent too bad to replace. They slide in through the rear side of the spindle on my 94. I ended up ruining one accidentally when I was replacing the ball joints. Be careful not to hit them too hard on the side where they stick through the spildle. I hit it and dented the cap really bad.

My ABS light flashes sometimes. I figured out it is because a little bit of moisture gets into the harness connector right next to the gear box. I dried it out and put a plastic bag witgh some tape around it and it fixed the problem.

That's funny. I noticed the light coming on, and the brakes feeling funny right after I cleaned the engine with the power washer. Water may have gotten in the connecter... Would you happend to know what connector it is.. BTW I was cleaning the engine to find out where the oil leak was coming from between the trans. and the engine.. I suspect it may be the Intake gasket... Water was squirting out before, so I added stop leak to the radiator.. the water stopped,, so maybe the oil is leaking out now.. I also retorqued the intake gasket..

These sensors ARE in the rear.. Correct?? You had mentioned spindles

91-92 had rear ABS only, 93+ got it for all four wheels. (I think) The ABS on my 93 gave up the ghost and I just disconnected and bypassed it cause I don't like it anyway. Think the only sensor for the rear is the speed sensor that is on top of the axle housing, just follow the wires that run into it. I've never had any problems with my 92s ABS screwing up so I cant help you there.