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Ac compressor bolts


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May 12, 2012
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Hi everyone. First post here. I've had my 93 explorer for over a year now. the ac hasn't worked since I got it. it needed a new compressor. So I bought an accumulator, compressor, orifice tubes and both lines. I took the old compressor off months ago and have moved since then. I lost the bolts!. I know this is a dumb question. Can anybody tell me the size of the 4 bolts that bolt it into place and also the size bolt that bolts the line to the back? And also are replacing the old parts with the parts I bought enough to convert from r12 to r134? I'm going to have it vacuumed and charged at a shop. Thanks for the help!

I guess while I'm at it I should ask if I need to flush the system before I put new parts and new oil in?

id go too the boneyard and but the bolts u need,, im prettu sure the 134 stuff is in the seal behind the compressor clutch

Junkyard is the place to get the bolts.. We even have a vendor here that is a parts recycle place..

Worst case.. People around here will probably have a set lying around.. Heck, I think I might even have a set in the box o parts.