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AC Compressor Cycling Problem


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February 18, 2007
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Skaneateles, NY
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97 Explorer
I have a 1997 Explorer (5.0L) and the AC compressor cycles continouously. The compressor will stay on for approximately 3 seconds and than turn off...the compressor will then turn on again ~ 4 seconds later and cycle again. I have put a gauge on the low pressure port and have added -1- can of 134 refrigerant...the pressure reading is ~ 45. I have shorted out the low pressure switch and can keep the compressor running continuously; however, it still cycles once I plug the low pressure switch back into the circuit. This seems to me to be a low amount of refrigerant; however, the the pressure reads at the full setting of 45...should I add more refrigerant to the system? Is it cycling because it is on the verge of being too low?

Any feedback would be welcome.

You really need to see what the low pressure side is doing during operation. If it is suctioning the low side below about 25 PSI, it will cut out. If is cuts out before that it might be the low side cutout switch.... a rare occurrence but possible.

A plugged expansion valve would give you this result too. That is my guess. But you need a gauge set to diagnose this.

FIRST time I ever cyber-diagnosed an AC condition in February. Global warming IS real!