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AC compressor is giving me problems


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October 5, 2007
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Branchburg NJ, Bethlehem PA
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96 XLT
Hey everyone,
I went to recharge my AC yesterday and notice that the compressor clutch was cycling on and off while the AC was at max cool, (makes sense, the cycling should mean I needed to recharge.) I then tried to recharge the AC and the clutch wouldn't cycle on at all. I replaced the compressor because I randomly had another one lying around thinking the clutch went bad but it still does not cycle on. Same problem however though. I checked just putting power directly to the clutch with the car running however and that did engage the clutch. I checked the AC fuse and it is good... I am thinking now maybe the switch went bad even though it worked before I charged the system? Any ideas what could be the problem?? I was thinking if its really tedious im just going to run a remote toggle switch to turn the AC on and off but I am hoping this is something stupid. Thanks.

anyone... anyone?

nevermind, replaced a relay and all seems good now... go figure its always something simple...