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AC compressor won't go off and violent shaking


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November 21, 2019
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2010 Explorer XLT V8 4WD
This started a few months back. Was sitting at the light with the AC on and the car lurched to the side. I thought someone bumped me from behind. I noticed the rpm really dropped, much more than normal AC on/off cycles. Weeks went buy and kept doing this plus would stop blowing cold. I looked at the AC clutch while this was happening and I could see the clutch engaging in out rapidly with a big engine rock each time. Weeks before it first happened I did add some refrigerant. Thinking that I might have added too much I got out my AC manifold and really dialed it in with the correct amount. That did not help. Replaced the pressure sensor. Seemed to be ok for a week, but then back to new normal.
Yesterday was 105 and I had to drive 40 miles on the Freeway. AC stopped blowing cold many times. Engine (V8) felt like it was straining/hesitating. It was blowing cold when I thought I better just turn it off as I read before compressor could be seizing and I was afraid to fry the accessory belt.
Now I could not turn it off at all! The AC light button would go off, but still blow cold. I have the basic manual system and turned the selector switch to off. Checking it every now and then by going to fan only I could feel cold air coming out.

Feel like my only option now is to replace the compressor unless someone has better answer.
Ford discontinued their compressor. Auto parts stores have brand names I've never heard of like 4 seasons and Murray. Omega/UAC on Amazon.
Any recomendations?
Thanks, Rod

137k miles. was some kind of police car before I bought it.

Just a follow up for future searchers.
This turned out to be a PCM problem and only when it got hot.

Thanks for reporting back - I had no idea on that one but the PCM makes sense.