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AC oil on System recharge, How much of 13 oz in where?


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April 9, 2014
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2002 Explorer limited
I have a 2002 limited with AC Issues. It has front and rear AC. Per the info on the sticker under the hood, It takes 56 oz. of R134a and It takes 13 oz. of oil, I need to know how much oil goes where on refill/recharge.

I flushed the system, front and rear, along with the lines. I have replaced the Compressor, drier, front orifice and rear ac expansion valve and condenser with new stuff. I drained the oil out of the new compressor that came in it (somewhere between 3 and 5 oz) I need to know how much of the 13 oz of oil goes in the compressor, the drier, etc...

The oil I have is liquid in bottles (two 8 oz bottles). I can't put it in with the Freon through the hi/low ports.

Please provide amounts of oil in which components... I can't find that info anywhere ... Thanks in advance.

Basic rule of thumb. 1.5 Oz to each part. Remainder of the 13oz to accumulator and/or through the low side port by removing the Schrader valve (core). Return the valve when finished. It will circulate through the system and go where it needs. Make sure to use the proper oil. PAG46 I think. Vacuum down the system and begin your refrigerant fill.