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AC system won't take freon charge.


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December 31, 2008
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Houston TX
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02 XLT
It's a 2012 Escape. The AC stopped blowing cold air. I attempted a recharge with a 12 oz freon can. hose, gauge connected to low pressure side. The compressor was engaged however the system would not take freon. I know because I measured the can before and after. The numbers were the same. So what would cause the AC system to not take freon? I have done recharges like this before without problem.

Eventually I took the vehicle to the shop. They determined the condenser had a leak. They replaced the condenser and did a recharge. All works. I don't understand this at all?

not an AC guru, but i wonder if it could be the ambient pressure being higher than the pressure within, and the liens had air within so it couldnt displace the air? ill be honest and say im really not good w ac, so not too qualified ot give advice on it