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Acceleration issue


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April 24, 2006
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McHenry, Il
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2006 Explorer Limited
Today when trying to pull out into heavy traffic I accelerated at full throttle which was greeted by rapid acceleration followed by the engine being depowered. If I accelerate normally everything is fine but if I go to full throttle either from a dead stop or a roll the vehicle acts as if the trans is shifting VERY hard (not sure if it actually is shifting), the rear wheels chirp and then the engine depowers. I am not sure if it is the traction control causing the depower or if it is hitting the rev limiter. This same issue happens on any acceleration great than "moderate"

2006 explorer limited v8. Any ideas?

Do you see the RSC indicator come on when that happens? I know that in the dirt I can get the RSC to kick in by accelerating aggressively and sometimes on the pavement too especially if it is from a rolling start.

In the 4 times it has done this only once did I see the RSC light come on.