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Access to 3rd Row


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October 9, 2010
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For those who've seen the 2011 Explorer I have a quick question about the seating arrangement.

If you put two child seats in the middle row bucket seats, is it easy to slide the 2nd row up so adults could get into the third row? Or do the middle row bucket seats only fold and slide so you would have to put the child seats in the 3rd row?

Thanks in advance!

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2nd row seats only dump / tumble. Two options for two car seats:

1) Put one in a 2nd row and one in the 3rd row
2) Get the bucket 2nd row seats without 2nd row console. Put both car seats in 2nd row. Can walk between them to get to 3rd row.


The Ford rep on the facebook page answered this already. You can put 2 car seats in the second row (not 3 across with the 60/40 bench). I think it's safe to assume the car seats would go on the outside seats but don't hold me to that.

Additionally you can put one car seat in the third row seat though I'm not sure which one.

RHS third row is LATCH compatible. Can put child seats in any of the seating postions with the OEM belt as well.

Nice video, but jsut for reference, the operation of the second row (2R) seats is:

- pull strap for head restraint dump
- pull the leverto dump the seat back
- pull the lever again to tumble seat

The strap is designed for exit from the third row (3R) when seated back there. It is not intended to tumble the seat when standing outside vehicle.