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Accessory outlet fuse?


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October 20, 2003
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Lebanon, OR
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1999 XLT

In my 1999 Explorer XLT:

I was attempting to hook up a CB with a cigarette lighter adaptor, utilizing the accessory outlet on the passenger side of the center console, near the floor, and was attempting to test the voltage to make sure I didn't hook up the CB wrong.

Well, apparently, I'm a retard, and had my crappy multimeter hooked up wrong, and I popped a fuse or something.

So, I pull out my handy-dandy Chilton's book, and realize that the two fuse panel/distribution block diagrams in the book (one for Rangers, one for Explorers/Mountaineers) are not the same as my fuse panel - not only are all my fuses different amperages (lower, not higher, so if my fuses are wrong, they're wrong on the safe side), but since I couldn't seem to locate the blown fuse based on the Chilton's book, I proceeded to visually inspect every single fuse in both the fuse panel and the distribution block.

I can't find a single blown fuse.

The cigarette lighter in the dash, near the radio, works just fine, so it's obviously not on the same fuse.

I popped out the front pocket dealie in the center console, and unplugged the deal from the accessory outlet, and tested it with my non-crappy multimeter, which was hooked up correctly (tested it on a 9V battery before I tried to blow my truck up again), and I'm not getting any power on it.

Can anyone help me out here - not only with getting the accessory outlet powered again, but perhaps a correct fuse and distribution block diagram for my truck?

Alrighty, problem solved.

This Chilton's book that I've got is crap. It's supposed to be for Rangers, Explorers and Mountaineers from 1991 through 1999, but the fuse panel is completely wrong.

I downloaded the owners manual from the Ford website, and found the correct fuse diagram for my truck.

Fuse #22, 20A, Auxillary Power Socket

Guess that when I pulled it out, I didn't fully remove it from the little removal tool dealie, and didn't notice that it was popped.

Stinkin' Chilton's.