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Accumulator doesnt fit but is correct part number


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January 5, 2011
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Las Vegas, NV
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98 E.Bauer 4.0(RWD)
'98 4.0 SOHC

Im repairing the AC and I purchased a new drier but the damn thing doesnt line up properly. Hers is the one i bought.


But this one seems to look like the one in my vehicle which it says is meant for 1997. Something isnt right here.


The difference is that the "threaded" section doesnt line up with the evaporator line on the one that says fits my vehicle. You can see the difference in angle between the two. The evaporator line on my vehicle comes out at a horizontal angle, not downward like the one that is supposedly for my vehicle. The old one in the vehicle looks just like the 33058 part but says its for 1997.

Whats going on? Are the thread sizes different or something because if not I think the 33058 is the correct part for my vehicle and somebody screwed up.

Anybody run into this issue?