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Actron 9150 for OBD I Primarily?


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April 15, 2008
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'95 XL
I have a 95 Explorer with a few issues. I also have a 01 Lincoln LS with no issues. To help me figure out the Explorer, I've been reading here and other places that the ACTRON 9150 scanner reads OBD I. I figured if my Lincoln (OBD II) ever comes up with a problem, I could use it on that also.

I read that I could do a VOM/METER/TEST LIGHT test of the underhood connection for my X (which seems simple enough). However, if the the scanner would work, I'd like to go that route for the 'point and click' ease if it.

However, the primary reason for purchase (right now) would be for OBD I on the X.

My question is... Is the scanner going to be able to give me (not really a mechanic) data that will help me (layman) identify the problems? I have a ABS problem AND a check engine light on the X. I think what I am trying to say is .. is OBD I fairly specific and cover all of the vehicle components (A/C, 4WD, ABS, TRANS, ENGINE, EFI, EMISSIONS, etc) like OBD II???? Or is is just ECC IV/EEV IV Engine control.

Bottom line is .... being me (layman, newbie, drunk, dumb ass), will this scanner help me out with either of my vehicles???????

Dude is selling one on eBay for about $140.00. Just trying to figure out if it's worth getting or not.

Thanks for any input or suggestions.