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Actron CP9180 AutoScanner® Plus Cheap!


February 19, 2010
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Tulsa, OK
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97 Explorer AWD 5.0L
I saw 2 different post on slickdeals on this and just picked one up myself.

go to Advanced Autoparts

Buy the Actron CP9180 for $94
Add $6 more of stuff to your cart, bringing total to $100
(I bought 3 shop towels on sale $2 each. ex. Part No. 75130/75160 )

Apply coupon ES123 to your cart for $30 off for a total of $70.

They are back in stock online but OOS at most B&M.

Specs are as follows:
The Actron CP9180 AutoScanner® Plus combines many professional features in a single scan tool. Compatible with 1996-and-newer, OBD II-compliant vehicles, the AutoScanner Plus displays and records live sensor data and freeze-frame data; reads, displays and erases Diagnostic Trouble codes (DTC); and displays definitions for Generic and Manufacturer Specific DTCs. Features a backlit screen, contains a DTC library of codes and definitions for look up, and is updateable via the Internet.

Product Features:

* Compatible with all 1996-and-later OBD II-compliant vehicles; scan tool is CAN-compliant
* Displays and records live sensor data with English and Spanish menu options; battery-powered for review of data away from the vehicle
* Reads, displays and erases diagnostic trouble codes stored in the PCM; displays definitions for generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes
* Also features OBD-II code library with generic and manufacturer-specific code definitions, state OBD-II check, OBD-II drive cycle mode and vehicle information; shows freeze frame data and oxygen monitor test data
* Updatable via the Internet; PC-compatible with printing capability
* Includes OBD-II cable, USB cable, soft case and professional companion CD