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Adam's '97 Mounty

My names Adam and I've been a member here for about 3 years and finally went Elite here recently. I go to college and I spend all my money on my car (don't lecture me, mom does that enough). Here it goes.

Alright, I've been meaning to get this together for a while now and I finally have some time.

MAC Cold Air Intake
Torque Monster Headers
Dual In/Dual Out Flowmaster 40
3" black, rolled exhaust tips
2" torsion bar adjustment
Warrior Shackles
Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs 33x12.50x15
Cragar Soft 8s
Pioner Double DIN
Orion 12s in a Pro Box
Crunch 1000w amp (for subs)
JBL 504w(or something) (for door speakers)
Radar Detector
Ultra Gauge
15% tint on fronts
5% tint on backs
Bed Lined Trim/Bumpers
Aftermarket turn signal housings
Yakima MegaWarrior Roofbasket
Optima YellowTop Battery
Custom front winch bumper (post #2)
Tail light guards
Weston T-Max 9000lb winch
Hi-Lift mounted to roof basket (post #7)
4 Hella 500s on roof basket (post #7)
2 Rigid Duallys in front bumper (post #14)

My future plans include:
Henson tune
Solid Axle Swap!

And the list of repairs/general things go:
new CV axles (mine are shot) (bought them today, 1/23/13)
Redoing my audio wiring (get it professionally done)
Big Three Upgrade
Fix both front windows
Fix both back door locks
Needs some serious dent removal
New winch cable

That's about it so far, I'll throw some pics up soon of stock, before brush guard destroying, and after brush guard destroying and some random others. And I'll try and keep this up to date and throw some write ups in here and there.

[First edit: Pics]






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After this happened I figured it would be better, and safer, to get a more sturdy bumper:

So that mishap led to this:




Rusty's Offroad fabbed it up for me.

It sticks out a little farther than I would have liked but I'm extremely satisfied with it. It will get shackles, holes cut for for fogs, and a skid plate integrated somehow. The first post has been edited with updated info.

Lookin good man. If you wanted to reduce how much it sticks out, after you got shackles mounted on the bumper you could get a Hawse style fairlead, although I haven't really seen them with steel cable very often. Just a thought. Oh and I know what you mean being a college kid and spending all your money on your truck. I do the same thing.

I will wait and see what it looks like with the lights, shackles, a skid plate, and boxing in the sides more. I think the 33s will help fill it out also. I'll get a picture tomorrow in the daylight and hopefully describe better what I mean by boxing it in more on the sides. Stay tuned! Christmas is soon and New Years is right around the corner, a couple small things are coming and maybe some big. I'll keep this updated.

nice mounty

Got a couple of Christmas goodies on.

These are Hella 500s. I have them mounted but not wired.


This is my 48" Hi-Lift with custom brackets I made up following this link.


The first post will be updated with my new additions :D:D:D

Will a Hi-lift fit under the back seat?

I know it won't show it off to everyone, but I've seen a bunch of them turn nasty when exposed constantly to the weather. And by nasty I mean that they won't work when you need them to.

Can you measure the collapsed length for me?

Interesting point Tom, I didn't even think about that! Generally here in the South we don't worry about rust and the elements so much. I will look into an inside mount.

And I may be missing the obvious but collapsed length of the jack orrr seat? lol Sorry if the answer is right in front of me... :(

The collapsed length of the red thing. If you were going to have space inside to mount it, you'd need X inches. If you were to take that thing off your roof rack and stand it up, it would be how tall?

Sorry for the late response. It is 50 7/8" long and is labeled as the 48" Hi-Lift Jack. Here is a LINK to where I got it. Rusty's is very close to me and I go and pick up parts from them occasionally. He also built my bumper. Which I have grown to like more and get more comfortable with after a week or so of having it.

I just saw this thread and thought to myself "That Yakima MegaWarrior roof basket looks familiar". LOL

Your trucks looking good man.

You gonna mount the other lights on the back or the bumper?


Indeed it does Midnight! I think it likes its new home here in Alabama!

Are you referring to the KC Daylighters I have? If so, I'm not 100% sure what I'm gonna do with them yet. After consulting with my fab guy I think I'm gonna put some Rigid Industries Duallys (LINK) in the bumper.

If they're as bright as I hope they are I will be getting another set for the rear bumper as back up lights. If they aren't however I will move the Duallys to the rear bumper and get some Dually D2s for the front bumper.

I may get another set of Hella 500s, put them on the rear of the basket (or sides) and throw the KCs up front with the two Hellas. I'm really not 100% sure yet.

Here's what I did with one of my Hella switches today:


This looks a lot cleaner IMO and kinda copies Paraphoe's buttons.

I've got a lot of work to do before school starts and a lot to do about a week into school starting. We'll soon see if this Mounty can take 33s with 2". If not.... I'll figure something out.

Time for an Update!

Got some 33s put on. 2" TT/Shackles with a little trimming. Got some lights for the front bumper and some tabs for d-ring shackles.



Mini Review for Rigid Duallys:

They are awesome. Extremely bright. Brighter than my HID headlights. Lights are a little expensive but almost worth it IMO, I got them for ~$7 (after giftcards) :thumbsup: so that's not a big deal to me. Would be normally $207 a set from my supplier. The wiring kit is awesome. No relay included however. But I love them. Possibly getting some more one day.

I want to redo some of my auxiliary lighting, I was thinking about this Fuse Block. I've seen it used by a couple of people here. Any input? I'll post a pic of my wiring soon, it's awful.

Went out on the trails the other day and my winch would not work. It would unspool freely but would not wind or unwind via the switch. The switch has power (LEDs lit up) but no movement. Tried with clutch locked and unlocked. Has to be wiring I think because it worked fine a couple weeks ago.

The solid axle swap is starting to creep up into my mind. I think I'm going to start a planning thread soon.

Got some shackles for the bumper :D


My winch cable is stuck like that right now until I figure out what's wrong with it. Bought some new CVs today. They'll get put on sometime this week.

Here is a picture of the trimming I had to do to stuff 33s with 2"


And here is the Dana 44 I picked up to go in it sometime within the next couple months




Build thread is in my signature :D