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Add a cassette player on a 2001?


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June 11, 2000
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'01 Sport Trac
I'm buying a new Explorer Sport but hit a sound barrier.

Does anyone know what the output (watts) of the premium CD/Cassette player is?

Also, on the new Visteon 6 disc changer, does anyone know if their is an AUX input on the unit or some way of hooking up a portable tape player?

I would love to get the six disc changer but I have to be able to play audio cassette. If the standard cd/cassette player to "weenie" I'm gonna have to plan on spending some cash on a new head unit or at least try to patch an amp in somehow.


I think the output on the stock amp is somewhere around 15-20 watts RMS. As for the cassette hook up I don't know much about that aspect of the system. If you plan on upgrading the audio components anyways dont' spend the extra cash on the premium system.