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Add-a-circuit fuse tap, want acc-on power only.


April 30, 2005
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Hamilton, Ontario
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'00 XLT
I'd like to add a circuit to power my new Sirius reciever only when the ignition is in the 'accessory' or 'on' position.

Right now I've got an add-a-circuit fuse tap powering a radio shack cigarette adapter under my center console, which I feed the power adapter to the Sirius into. The problem is that the fuse I tapped into makes a circuit that is always +12V regardless of key position, so I have to manually hit the power button on the radio. Its not a big deal but its the little things that count.

So did I just tap into the wrong fuse and there ARE some fuses which are accessory-on only, or are all fuses hot and the accessory-on break is made somewhere else down the chain? If not, does anyone have a good map of fuses and their state without ignition?

I could just tap into the radio harness, but I figured this way was cleanest. I really don't have a good grasp for the electrical system so I figured this add-a-circuit method would be best.

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If you cant find a switched fuse, although I think you can, tap into the aux. power plug in the lower console. Wires are easy to get to with console top off.

Didn't find a switched fuse yet (haven't checked since I posted), but the aux power adapter is also constantly on, so my hunt continues!

You should have other circuits that only power up with the ignition in the on position. I used fuse #26 for the tap (10 amp, battery saver relay, power windows, etc.)

just run it from the HU i wouldnt mess with the fuses u might start a fire if u do it wrong... im talking from experiance just trust me

I must be doing something wrong, because I tapped fuse 26 and I can turn the reciever on without the key in the ignition.

I'll try tapping the HU this weekend just to save myself the hassle. Also I noticed my fusebox doesn't close all the way with the tap in, and we can't have that ;)

My moms Dodge Neon got blown up because of a ****TY electric install, a live wire coming from the battery got cut and touched metal under the carpet..... 2 minutes later the car blew up... and i just cant thank god enough for getting my mom out before the POS blew up....
i wish i had pics of the fried car, that way i could keep people from doing bad cable installs.....
all i know is that from that day on i do my cabling right, even if it takes twice as long i dont think a couple extra hours its worth blowing up b/c of an electric fire!!!!
good luck

Thanks -- I made sure to use the right gauge wire for the amps it'll be carrying, and every wire connection is soldered, heatshrink-wrapped and electrical taped. The last thing I need is an accidental short :D