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Add a leaf or or extra arched leafs for 98


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February 19, 1999
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Vallejo, CA
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1998 Sport
Hi Fellas, I did the TT/Shackle lift and want to lift just the rear an extra 1 - 2 inches to eliminate the sag in the rear. Can any of you tell me the companies and part numbers of an add a leaf or extra arched leaf that will give me this 1 - 2 inches. As much information is appreciated.


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Thanks Rune, but the application chart on summit racing says that it's only for 83 - 97 Explorers, and I have a 98. Do you know if it will still work?

Yes I belive it would.. I didn't think there where much, if any, differences in the rear of the explorers after '95.. But do a search for it just to be sure, there are so many people on this board running addaleafs so you should be able to find some info about someone running them on a '98.. One thing though.. did you check your alignment after doing the torsiontwist? the truck seem to have a little bit of "toe out" afterwards..

btw., there you see how much the summit-people know, they didn't start making the explorer before 91, and they say the leafs fit a '83 modell.... :D

Just wondering if anyone else can tell me the brand and part number of their add a leaf for 95+ explorers.