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Add-a-leaf vs shackle?


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November 4, 2008
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97 Explorer Sport
I want to lift my x. I have read up on the rear add-a-leaf and also on the longer shackles. which is better?can I do both? If so then what can I do for the front besides a TT?

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oh FU is your ex 2 or 4wd? that will help us answer the front lift question

I have a 4x4.not having much luck finding too many body lift kits.

Welcome to this forum! How much do you want to lift it?

not too much. the rear saggs a bit. i want to lift it enough to get some bigger tires on it.

Find some 4 door leafs if you still have the monoleafs.

Warrior shackles will give you 1.5" of lift in the rear without firming up the ride. Also they are SUPER easy to install..