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September 23, 2000
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north central,KS
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01 sport trac
Hi i have a 2001 sport trac and i have a 3" body lift, tt, shackles, 3" spindles, add-a-leaf, and my front is about a 1"1/2 taller then the rear. Can i just add another add-a-leaf to lift it more? Or what can i do to lift the rear more cheap!! thanks

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wow sport traks came in 2wd? well i didnt know that!

Shackles. 50 bucks and you'll be level. Warrior WAR153 should work.

He already has shackles.

You can put another add a leaf in, but most that have done it, have complained about ride comfort. The second aal REALLY stiffens up the packs.

edit: oh, what I would do. I would spring-over-axle the rear end, which would probably make you too tall back there. Then remove the AAL and shackles as needed. OR lower the front you need that much lift?

Oops, My bad, i missed that when i was reading.

I have 2 add a leafs in each side and too stiff, but i have no chouice now..

how much more will the 2ed add-a-leaf add?

also, the stiffer the spring (in other words, the more AALs), the less the leaf spring will want to bend and the less articulation ull have.