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February 13, 2003
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'02 530iA TiAg
I have 4 ch Rockford right now inside a rear quarter panel, which powers front speakers and 15" sub in the box (bridged), while rear speakers are just fillers and run right off the deck. I am thinking of rinning the power and remote to the second amp (2ch/80 watt pioneer) from the main 4 ch amp, and simply running new wires from HU to the second amp and from the rear speakers to that amp. Could I run into any problems adding-an-amp and using the power/remote from main amp? Do not want to put in distribution block if I do not have to...

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you should be fine... the remote is such a small power source that basically it doenst need too much to function......

I wouldn't do it that way, you're fine running a jumper on the remote turn on... But not on the power itself, at least not in my opinion... Maybe someone on here could give you a better technical reason not to...

How much power is your 4 ch amp, and what size power wire do you have?

Power wire that powers the 4 ch RF amp right now is 8 ga, and amp I want to add to power the rear speakers is 2ch/80 watt pioneer.

Ok, but how big is your 4 channel? I recommend using a distribution block. But to answer your question, you could do it, and it would work. However what would most likely happen is that your 4 channel amp would suck all the juice leaving your 2 channel high and dry, and without a constant power above 12-13 Volts you will kill your amp. So it would work for a few days, then you would be buying a new amp.

an 80w amp doesn't draw that much juice, so IMO you are OK in the short term. The best thing to do is run a larger, 4awg cable, from the battery for +. Also upgrade your battery-to-chassis negative cable while your at it.

Running the remote turn on lead in parallel between the 80w amp and the 400w amp is is not only perfectly fine, but the only way! The wire just triggers relays in the amps, so there is almost no load on it.

Get a distribution block, and do the wiring right.

After all, decided not to bother with adding that amp, since it would NOT make a difference for me as a driver, and I barely drive anyone in the back. Yet, would need to invest in 40-70 bucks in parts (cables, clamps, etc) to put it in.

Anyone needs 80Watt/2ch Pioneer amp?

No reasonable offer will be refused :-)