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Add on Sensor to Factory alarm HOOD PIN TRIGGER


July 3, 2009
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Glendale, California
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2002 Explorer Limited
Been struggling with this one for a bit, any help would be much appreciated.

So I am trying to add a glass break sensor to my 2002 explorer with a factory alarm and need to locate the hood pin switch wire. I know that one place the wire is located at the security module near the c pillar near the rear right passenger seat. I have also heard it is located under the center console on a 20 pin connector... Where exactly is this connector? Also, any idea if the same wire can be found near the driver kick panel, ive had no luck?

On my 03 there is a hood trigger switch on the right side on the fender that is about 10" from the hood hinge. I assume it's for the alarm if someone pops the hood and it'll cause the horn to honk. I assume this is the switch you are looking for.