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Add ons for the Explorer


March 8, 2007
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Portland, OR
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2006 Eddie Bauer
I have a 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I want to add a few things on and need some help. First of all, does anyone know of a good grille gaurd that fits the 06 Explorers? Better yet, are there any out there on the market these days? Driving around town I haven't seen any 06 Explorers with grille gaurds on.

Second question, I have the navigation system for my Explorer. When I bought my truck, it didn't have sirius satalite radio, so I bought the factory add on and installed it myself. Problem is, it comes with one of those cheap antennas that you buy at Best Buy, not a factory antenna. So I went to the local Ford dealership to find out about the antenna and they were no help. The counter guy kept trying to get me to buy the standard radio antenna mast. He printed out a scematic of the radio and it looks like the satelite antenna is part number 10E893. But when I Google that part number, the stores list that part number as the antenna for the navigation, not the satelitte. Any one know the correct part number and a good place to get it?

Thanks for the help!!!!

part number for the roof antenna is 7L2Z-10E893-A and the harness from the antenna to the tuner is 7A2Z-19A397-A. you have to drill a hole in the roof and run the harness down the passenger A pillar to the tuner.

I've been trying to find a grill guard as well. I have the Mercury Mountaineer so the grill/front bumper is a little different. I'd also like to get front tow hooks, but haven't had much luck finding an oem type solution.

Anyone with ideas?

Ok, so since I posted my request for help, I've done some more research. Found a company called Hunter Premium Truck Accessories based out of Texas that makes brush guards. I would have to order it online and then hope it is ok. Anyone had any experience with these guys???

That's the website for them. Thanks!