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Added a drain plug to my trans pan with lots of pics.


April 20, 2010
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keyport, NJ
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2003 explorer sport trac
So I just bought a 2003 ford explorer sport trac with 65000 miles on it.

wanted to flush out the trans so i dropped the pan and changes the filter. the trans fluid was nasty.

after i cleaned and reinstalled the trans filter and pan i filled the truck with 5 quarts of mercon 5.

disconnected one of the trans cooler lines and put them into a clear jug that i had marked off with 10 quart marks.

Started the engine and as one came out i added a new one. I did this till all 12 quarts in the case was empty.

fluid still looked dirty so i ran a second case of 12 quarts.

The fluid still did not look great so i decided to add a drain plug so i can change 4 quarts every time i change the oil. my picutres are below.

I welded in a bung. see pics below.













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If you do any fourwheelin' with your Explorer it would be a good idea to put a skid plate under their to protect the drain plug. I would hate for it to get snagged on something.

Other than that, looks good:chug:

Great first post!!

Yea i thought about that. but there are many things much much lower then the drain plug.

the cat pipe right in front of it is much lower. I also have running boards which i would say are a good foot lower then it.

I believe someone on this forum installed one of those and snagged it while off roading. They ended up making one that is flush. I dont recall who it was, it might have been John Rock.

I looked at the but after looking at my truck i think the Cat might be in the way and was not sure it would fit.

My mod also cost me $40 for a Tranz pan and $12 for the drain plug. (i needed the extra tranz pan because i need to drive to the place to have the drain plug welded in)

I have my old tranz pan if anyone wants to buy so they can do the mod themselfs

How much did they charge you to weld it in?

They did it for free. Guy bull ****ted with me for 20 mins. then welded it in 5 mins and gave it back and said do not wory about it.

I bought one of these awhile back, still have not installed it though. :rolleyes: The plan is to run my trans temp gauge off of it mainly.


Thats what we used our for. We had to grind down the nut that holds it to the pan though. Otherwise the tip of the sending unit wasn't in the fluid and was picking up the temp of the pan and not the fluid (slow reading)..

If I were to do it over again, I'd just get one welded in as mine seeps just a little.


I was going to use the

but from reading a few boards almost everyone said it leaked. I have a driveway will no leak spots and i would like to keep it that way.

As for temp gauge for the trans i was going to use the ScanGaugeII

Any one intrested in buying by old trans pan????:D